Mud Pump

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Mud Pump

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Mud Pump:

INBW600/30, INBW900/25 and INBW1100 double-acting reciprocating duplex mud pump is used in mineral, water well and engineering drilling for pumping water, mud and cement slurry. They are operated by electrical machinery or diesel engine. INBW600/30, INBW1100 mud pump are adopted way of gear-change and different size cylinder and piston for changing pressure and displacement as well as changing taper valve, spherical valve, board valve for different works.
  BW600/30-1 BW900/25 BW1100
Stroke 180mm 180mm 240mm
Stroke  speed 80s/m 80s/m 70.55s/m
Limer  dia Φ 90,   Φ 110,   Φ 130mm Φ 150mm Φ 150,   Φ 130mm
Displacement 340, 520, 730l/min 900l/min 1100, 900, 840, 650l/min
Pressure 5, 4, 3  MPa 2.5/  MPa 3.2, 4, 4.2, 5/MPa
Power 37kw 37kw 75kw
Speed 350r. p. m 350r. p. m 522r. p. m
Suction  Pipe  sizes 102mm 102mm 150mm
Discharge  Pipe  sizes 76mm 76mm 76mm
Size 2.04× 1.03× 1.35m 2.04× 1.03× 1.35m 2.32× 1.1× 1.76m
Weight 1450kg 1470kg 2650kg

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